Wrapping up a Dynamo Script?

Okay, I’ve created a few basic scripts. Is there a way I can wrap these up so that only the required inputs are visible and not all the nodes that actually carry out the work?

You can create a custom node. Select all> Right click> Create Custom node. If you have to share the node with others, you will either have to publish it on the package manager or copy to everyone’s local computer.

Ah, okay, I can’t find it by the method you mention but I can create a new custom node and paste into that.

However this gives rise to another question. Within the script there is a String node which I’d like to use to vary the result of the script. Is there a way that I can create a custom node from my script but leave this String out and have a String input link in the Custom Node?

At the moment when I package it up all I get is the final output.

Thanks for your help.



You can add a node called input and give it a name. This will then allow someone to input a string as a variable.

I believe the syntax is like this

namegoeshere : string

Frankly, that’s just awesome. :o)


Many thanks.