Wrapping Revit Elements (walls)

Hello Guys, I am trying to get walls that has an element at join (walls here) using the ElementsAtJoin property (@Alban_de_Chasteigner advise me to use it). The problem here is that the walls are till unwrapped and I cannot wrap them again. I have tried ToDSType() method but it does not work.

I imported things that I do not think are necessary but I do not know what I am missing here.


What’s the error message of Python node?

‘ElementArray’ object has no attribute ‘ToDSType’

The dirty method is outputting elements’ Ids instead of just elements and then grabbing them outside the python node. archi-lab Select.ByElementId. might be helpfu with that.

or try:
elementsatjoin.append([e.ToDSType(true) for e in elematjoin])
on line 47

The problem is that you are calling .ToDSType on list of elements instead of element itself.


But that does not make sense, I am doing it inside the loop before the item is appended.

It actually works :smiley:. Thank you very much … I really appreciate it. I still do not know what you did in that line but it is working