Would it be possible to copy View Templates? from Floorplan to Section view (including view filters)

Hi all,

What i’m trying to do is create a duplicate of a Floorplan View Template to a Section View Template.
Any suggestions? i havent got anything so far.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

hi @Schasfoortyoeri if you want to copy filters and its VG settings, you can try this way;

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Thanks @jean but this way i ll still have to manual create alot view templates.

Would it be possible to change the ViewType of a duplicated View template?

If you dont have many templates to duplicate, you can do that manualy, just use floorplan template on Section, and create a Section template from Section view.

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@Jan_Secnik Thanks for your reply but i do have many templates :slight_smile:

Here the solution that works for me, Thanks @jean and @Jan_Secnik for your input.

Script forum.dyn (129.0 KB)