Workset Change, List Match

I am trying crate Script for Change the work set. but I can not match exactly list. I need simplification

Workset 1.dyn (57.2 KB)

Some of your Elements you wire into your List.Create aren’t categories,
therefor you are getting ‘nulls’.

Also look into the GroupByKey node.

I also think you should split by Categories and Links (for Links look into Get Documents node).

Sorry for the confusion Actually I need simplification for this one…

Workset change.dyn (29.1 KB)

Then this applies still.

sorry …I tried I can’t… can you make it one sample…

My guess this is what you are looking for.
Now you have a list with elements grouped by their Category.
You can set the Workset for each Group now (didn’t include that part in my screenshot).
Make sure your Workset order matches the order of the Groups.
Pay attention to the levels and lacing.

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I think it not I want , or maybe I am wrong

Like this then? I showed 2 examples (elements grouped per workset).
If this is not what you are after maybe explain what you wanna achieve.

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What does the error in your initial post say? What does the output from All Elements of Category look like? As @bvs1982 said, some of your inputs aren’t categories. You’ll have to get those elements another way.

okay I will try to Explain, if a wall in any another workset like workset 1 , I need that wall in AR_Wall workset. may be below image is example. just I need correct categories in correct worksets.

I wouldn’t bother asking ‘are you on the right workset?’

Instead just set the Workset en-mass.

  • Create a list of the categories you want to change.

  • All Elements Of Category node to get all the elements by the matching category.

  • Create a matching list of the worksets you want to set the categories to.

  • Element Set Workset with proper list levels and lacing. I believe @L1 for Workset and @L2 for Element and longest lacing should do the trick.

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Just simplify this one … I will continue from there…

This is not how it works here.

You have to put some (read; more) effort in yourself (in my opinion).

You will learn a lot from it at the same time.

We gave you a lot of pointers (basicly you can find the solution in the replies).