Work with a list

If I have this list, How can I:

  1. Delete null value
  2. Group all yes-yes value
  3. Group all not-not value
  4. Group lists with more than two values

I apologize for the disturb.

Thanks a lot

list yes-not

Hi Alberto,

For Group yes/no use groupbykey node:

Remove no


For deleting null values there are lot of methods, you can use code block or “LunchBox” Remove null values node.

Remove nulls

thanks a lot, I tryed and I would like to know if it possible create like 4 list with

  1. all yes yes value
  2. all not not value
  3. all yes- not value
  4. with more than two (like yes yes not)

Thanks a lot


Remove Connection between get parameter values and List.containsItem.


Amazing, and if I would like to have only yes-yes value and not the other for example, have you got any ideas?

I am out of my CPU (Computer):-)

Alberto, the blank values are mostly empty strings, not nulls. That issue might need to be addressed.

File: yes-not.dyn



Vikram you save my life another time, really thanks, you are like a genius.
Thanks everyone. Go dynamo!!!