Why the Slider of Project Fractal can't show?

Hi guys,

I have a question about Project Fractal.
I use “send to Web” to publish my project to Fractal, I only got input parameters panel, but there are no input sliders out there, Why?

what’s the problem?
And what should I do to make the input slider out like below?

I used the free version of Dynamo Studio 2017.

Can somebody answer this question please. It doesn’t seem to work for me too. I tested with and without license. And nothing works. I even downloaded an example project and uploaded it again. Still nothing. I would like to know if I do something wrong.

Original link
My uploaded download

I have the same question.

I guess it is because we both use the trail version.

On 11/14/2017 16:13,T V_werkdynamobim@discoursemail.com wrote:

Hi guys, if you right click on your sliders and inputs in Dynamo Studio, you’ll find a option that says “Is input” that you can tick off. Also if you double click your watch nodes, and rename them, they appear as outouts in fractal.

Hi jostein_olsen, I just confirmed that I had ticked off the option “Is input”.

but I mean, I can’t get the cross slider like below, and there is no “Generate” button under the INPUT sliders,

Thanks in advance.

I think I got it finaly. The link that will show after uploading your script from Dynamo Studio will NOT bring you in the expected place. The link will send you to a Dynamo webadres and not a Fractal webadres.
You need to go to https://www.fractal.live/manager.html and select your uploaded script. When you select the script and click the share button you’ll get the Fractal link. And this is different from the first Dynamo link.

It’s the difference between
(this link will only work if you have a Fractal account)

I did not expect this behavior. And it’s very confusing for me.

Still not sure if the trail version will work. But I think it will
On the other hand most users have a license already, because Dynamo Studio is part of the AEC collection

That’s cool!
Thank you T_V_werk!
I made it.