Why is it Null in the code block

Can somebody help me, what is the problem why it is Null in code block, I’m trying to subtract the List of coordinates from excel file.

Hello @dexterdeluna122685 and welcome to the community…do you mean something here…

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Thanks Bro

Can you tell me a little bit more, what’s next to that code block so it will give final total?

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Not really sure what you mean….you wanna count them or ??? Try give an exemple

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count them

List.Count will tell you how many there are.

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can you give me a solution to this. another node to give me the list which is already an answer

Do you want to subtract value 1 from value 2?

yes, but must be in listed like 1 to13


not sure but something here…be sure its all is number…

Remove the previous code block entirely.

Expand the preview of the data in the ‘easting’ group so we can understand what you are working with. Also wire an Object.Type node in after it so we can confirm all the data is a number of some sort.

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Hi, code block is not working I don’t know why?

Not sure,are you sure these are numbers, try tjeck it with the node objecttype…another thing is you have null in your list and looks like you have whitespaces…so i assume its a string and need to be converted to double…if you want then share your dataset and we can see whats goin on…

I want to subtract list first item to list last item. is there anything nodes I can use to give me the answer on list

Yes i know what you want, but your input isnt right…you have null, whitespaces, and its probably a string…if i should go deeper into it i need the dataset…here i clean the list for null and whitespace…but probably better replace the null its depends…

I wonder if you could help me fixing my problem in dynamo script, maybe I can send you the Dynamo file .dyn via email and fix it. sorry for bothering you. it’s just that I wanted to have a finish output on this script. thank you in advance

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no worries…if you upload you dataset here…rvt, dyn file…you can upload here a link to webtransfer, filetransfer etc…and i will try to help you…

Thanks…try as here