Where is "get_BoundingBox(None)"?

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I did a search in revitapidocs.com and I did not find that method that I saw in other posts, I even tried it in my Python Code, and if it works.

But where did it come from? In revitapidocs.com I only found GetBoundingBox(), what’s the difference with it?

I believe certain get/set parameters can be written that way, but there’s no difference as far as I’ve seen.

I think it is one of these old, old things that just still works. That would be a very Autodesk thing to do.
Note that is show in the API examples under Element > BoubingBox.

From 2008:
The Building Coder: Element Bounding Box (typepad.com)

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Hi Nick!
I found this:

Thanks to the link provided by @aaronrumple, and that documentation belongs to Revit API2009, from what I try to understand, those methods are still used, right?


Overload properties used as methods. That kind of makes sense. Thanks for the info.

Not sure why its not listed in RevitAPI docs, but its definitely there if you browse the Revit API in say Visual Studio:

Property overloading isn’t supported in C# so you have to use the method as the property can’t be used.

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Hi Thomas!

Wow, I can see the get_BoundingBox method there!, how do I get that API documentation?.
I have Visual Studio Code and it doesn’t appear in the autocompletion.

Revit API 2023 (revitapidocs.com)

It’s not there

In the fine print.

Note that the vb examples uses .BoundingBox, but C# uses .get_BoundingBox()

Very similar question was recently asked on the API forums. It is a C# thing, not a Revit thing.