I found a method “get_BoundingBox” in a post which is written in “”. But I couldn’t find that method in “revitapidocs”. Where we can find such methods ? please share if anybody knows.


From what I can tell, methods like get_BoundingBox() and get_Parameter() are from much older versions of the API. Although they may still work if you use them in your code, you should use the supported methods or properties. In this case, it would be the BoundingBox property of your element rather than the get_BoundingBox() method.

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how can take Min and Max property using BoundingBox property? when we refer the example, again its going to get_BoundingBox() method.

The Element’s BoundingBox property returns a BoundingBoxXYZ object, which has both Min and Max properties.

BoundingBox property is not returning BoundingBoxXYZ value. its returning reflectedIndexer…