Whay cant I filter using codeblock

I want to filter my list by Uniclass fields but when i try to use == node it dosent work, it works only if I have the number of item “Field” index ,but i need to use this script for other models which doesnt have the same index, that is the reason that I want to filter by name

Thanks for your help

I think you might be comparing the name to the object. Said another way: My name is Jacob, but I am not equal to Jacob.

Try turning the object into a string using a String.FromObject node (or try obj+””==target; in a code block)


Thks!! it works!!

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Maybe can use another short node or code, but now PLUMBING FIXTURE SCHEDULE FOR UNICLASS rutine it works.
Maybe can u guide me with another ways to compress it

Combine all of your string fields into a single list, then use the All Indices Of node with cross-lacing.

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