What's the formula for finding a slope of a pipe

Hello friends, I’m trying to edit the slope value of a pipe in dynamo. Since slope value is read-only, it cannot be editable. I’m wondering if some knows the formula to find a slope of a pipe. The formula should be able to find 1% slope of the pipe from point A to point B. Following is a formula that I’ve come up with but its not accurate, hope someone could help me on this.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you


For percent slope equals (rise / run) x 100

to convert to %


Should be a way of extracting the parameter value though. Have you tried built in parameters?

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Hi Thanks @Ewan_Opie for sharing the slope formula with me. In this case, I’ve to find the ‘Z’ value for second point where the pipe should be connected in a way that slope remains at 1%. I’m a bit confuse, how do I find that spot. And what about the built-in parameters that you’ve mentioned?

Here is an example of how to use the geometry of the pipes to attain what you have, this should help you get to what you need.

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Awesome, thank you so much @Ewan_Opie for sharing the solution. Bless you : -)

@Ewan_Opie is there a way to set the slope value on pipes in Dynamo? Would appreciate if you share some trick, cuz slope value is not editable.

@imaliasad This has been already answered here

Do not ask same question multiple times on forum.

@kulkul thanks, what I have done is to find the ‘Z’ coordinate of the line before creating the pipe. I need 1% slope value but the value I’m getting is not accurate to 1%. So I wonder is there a formula to find the ‘Z’ value so we could get the 1% Slope?

Did you ever get this figured out?

Here is the script I created to make automatic Manhole with pipe sloping.

Create Manhole Final.dyn (372.7 KB)
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