What is "Undefined", "Detail", "Internal", "Report" view as ViewType of Revit?

What is “Undefined”, “Detail”, “Internal”, “Report” view as ViewType of Revit?

I am writting a python code that contains that type of views but no idea of what they can be in Revit.

elif i.ViewType == ViewType.Undefined:

Is Detail view type a Callout of Revit?

Check that out:
I suggest you use your python skills to extract and sort out all the views in a sample project per view type, that will help you pin out what is what in there.
Another simple way to do so it to use the Revit Lookup tool and snoop selection. You will get access to all the info you need about whatever is in the Revit database


Very useful tip, I have the plugin installed, although in this case the Revit file is empty and I want to know what elements can be those defined by view types in the Revit API, wether if they exist in the future or not in the project Revit file.

Base on the names of view types I can understand but those ones Undefined, Detail, Internal, Report, I am not totally sure what can be.

You can try exploring it like so:

  • 2 internal views are the project and system browser
  • viewtemplate do not have types

where do you read the word “Internal”?

See this enumeration:

and try this trick to get some code samples