Websocket Dynamo


Are we able to implement websocket technologies in Dynamo?

Have tried importing system DLLs, have tried importing external python scripts websocket-client https://github.com/websocket-client/websocket-client/blob/master/README.rst

But, am really having so many errors and problems.

Just wondering if anyone has tried implementing this before?

Reach out to @Radu_Gidei (He created the DynaWeb package)!

cheers @solamour!

@janan_tan, websockets aren’t implemented in the DynaWeb package…YET !. It’s been on my to-do list for a long time, so if you could please add details about what you need and the use-case to that issue, i’ll look at it.

To answer original question, don’t see why not - but haven’t done a proof of concept yet or looked into it too much.

Might have some time real soon, but can’t promise anything.


@solamour Thanks man, you really got the right person on first try!

@Radu_Gidei that’s super cool! If you could use some help, I will love to give it a try, though must be said that am a fairly new programmer so will be nice to learn from a pro :wink: