Webrequest response paging

Hi guys (and womens) :stuck_out_tongue:

Because the web service of the kadaster(web service in the netherlands) can send a maximum of 1000 items per request, I now have to adjust the script to request the web request per 1000 items and not request everything at once. can someone help with this?

I guess it would be nice to know a bit more about this process. What does the web request do? What elements are you sending? Does the web site then send responses back to Revit/Dynamo?

My sincere apologies Tom, I had solved the problem and completely forgot to respond to your reaction. Again, My apologies :slight_smile:

Hey layth_huweil

How did you solve it? Did you just break up the Boundingbox input, that is needed in the node before the webrequest, in parts?

Hi @tulay.bilici,

No I did not break up the Boundingbox input. At the kadaster(web service in the netherlands) you can also request how many hits it found in a certain boundingbox. If you know how many hits there are in a certain area, you can write a code that sends the correct amount of requests with the correct URL.

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