Warnings - Walls Overlap - Filtering

End goal is to filter a list of walls that are overlapping and are associated with a certain design option. Using bang! I can grab warnings from the model, and then filter that list to my focus. From there I can produce a boolean filter list, but I have not been able to successfully use boolean.filterbymask. A warning pops up that states: dereferencing a nonpointer. What should I do?

@rlittmanCYSH2 Close Dynamo, reopen the graph and check if that resolved the issue.

If not check for the unique values coming out of the List.ReplaceNull node.
Does the unique list have a null value?

Nice catch, @AmolShah! The unique items identified that my replacement was a string, and not a boolean. The odd occurrence now is that the filtered list does not return element ids, but rather ‘Empty List’.

@rlittmanCYSH2 Did you replace the String node with a Boolean node?

Yes, but the boolean.filter… returned empty list.