Wall vector

How can I change wall vector?
wall flip doesnt work…

Not sure what you are trying to achieve but with Dynamo and some Python code you can rotate the selected model element (Wall) and run thru the screenshot. Theses nodes will create an axis line and also will convert the rotation in radians for easier use.

Is that what you are looking for?

I need only change vector …as in curve is reverse…

not rotate…If you have big project you can’t use rotate…if you have multilayer walls…

I need this…because point 2) in last my post

Still not sure what you mean, maybe you can try the Flip() method in the API: http://www.revitapidocs.com/2017/4fa072e8-7840-66bc-78a4-e13ef24f0d41.htm

How would you do it in Revit manually?

Have you tried using Vector.Reverse node that comes with dynamo under geometry group…that deals with something more on the lines i think you might be looking for. Upload the rvt and dyn cause im just alittle confused.