Wall Types Not Appearing in Search

I am new to Dynamo and have just installed it. I was watching the Dynamo for Revit Baby Steps for Non Genius talk on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iq8hIk9NSw&t=428s and trying to follow what they did. However the first task: Search for Wall types does not work. I have Revit 2018 running at the same time. Can anyone help?



How does it not work? What Dynamo version? Have you restarted you system?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. When I search for wall type and level nothing is found.
Version (core) and (Studio)
I have restarted. I am just downloading and installing Revit 2109 to see if that helps

I have sorted this now. Opening Dynamo via Revit fixed it. I was opening Dynamo as a standalone app previously.

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