Wall thickness

HI i am working at revit api to get walls of special room this is the part i have completed with Projecting rays technique,But i am unable to get the Wall thickness this is the main point. Is there any way i can extract wall thickness. i am using revit 2020

Maybe this is useful?

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oky i am going to try this solution. Thank you so much.

Worked beautifully. Now i am going to convert it in to C# thank u

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Great, it would be cool to see the C# when you’re done :slight_smile:

Oky Mark.Ackerley i will post the complete solution of c#. Thank you

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hi, First Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Here “g” is the selected Element and 304.8 converts the feet in to mm. Here is the pickObject

             Wall onewall = g as Wall;
	         double halfthickness =304.8 * onewall.WallType.Width;			
			TaskDialog.Show("Information","Wall Name : "+onewall.Name+" Thickness :"+halfthickness.ToString());
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Really great of you to post back for us all!

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np problem Mark and Thank you.