Get Wall Layer Thicknesses From Python and Dynamo

I try get via Dynamo and Python the wall layer thicknesses. I have tried to apply an old post:

However I am not getting anywhere with the script. I also changed the OUT to uppercase, but that does not help.
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


Here’s a couple of options for you? I found the method linked chucked an error when it hit a curtain wall.

The first method gets all walls in the project, the 2nd gets those which have placed instances.

Also, if you can use Clockwork’s node then it’ll deal with your list structure for you (much easier than using Python). You can have a dig around in the Clockwork node and see how it works.

Hope that helps,


Wall Thicknesses.dyn (10.1 KB)

Dear Mark,

that works perfect! Thank you!!

Best regards

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Hi Mark,

It seems to me that you are fit in this topic.
I have another question. I have different wall constructions. In my drawings in Revit are also modeled screws. So far I have not found a solution to integrate these into my walls. Do you have an idea how I can output the screws and wall constructions together according to their spatial position in the Revit model?

Hi Lavinia,

No worries, it would be best if you could make a new topic, add a link to this one and include as much info as you can…

Screen grabs of the wall and screws with notes would be ideal… maybe a graph where you have made a start? Then we can try to help?

Thanks :slight_smile:


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