Precast Walls


I am very new to dynamo and was exploring the software. I am not sure as to how I should begin my script if I am planning on making precast walls with a gap of 15mm in between the walls. Please help.

That’s already very specific, also something that I, to be honest, don’t really know how to do, it might be easy.
If you want to learn how Dynamo works I suggest you check out the primer:

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Have you tried the Revit Command ‘Split with Gap’?
To my understanding you can not split walls with dynamo.

Anyone correct me if I a wrong.


it is not possible to split walls

it is possible to create new walls with a gap and delete the original wall

see image:

i did not completed the script but this gives you a good start.

also in the next image the wall will be split by the grids.
(this one is also not completed)