Wall Hosted Receptacles (Continued)

Receptacle Placement.dyn (12.7 KB)

Custom nodes have been labeled

-Lunch Box for Dynamo Package (2017.10.4)
-Spring Nodes Package (132.2.8)
-Steam Nodes Package (1.2.4)

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Here is my script for this face-based automation.

Wall and 2 Bed Offset Outlet 2021.dyn (119.9 KB)

Which package do you use for the node “Get Documents” and “Elements.Getlinkedfile”

“Get Documents” was an out of the box node.
I see in 2021 it is now red and in an unresolved state.

“Element.GetFromLinkedFile” is from the Steam Nodes package as noted.
If you right click on a node and then click “help” it will show you if it came from a package
Most of my scripts are labeled right at the node.