Wait node - options?

I used the Springs Input.Wait node A LOT! It solved a great deal of my order of operations issues in some very complex scripts. It looks like it wasn’t part of his new package.

How are people dealing withtheir waits?

I think clockworks has one too.

You can also make one. Use list join to add one item to the end and then list drop last. Not the best way but will work if you need to get something done now.

To make sur any action is performed 1st, last, etc. I funnel my script in a dummy python script node. As these nodes will wait until they have all their inputs to execute. Use as many IN as you want.

OUT = [ IN[0], IN[1], IN[2], IN[3] ]

You just have to separate them with a code block as: X[0]; X[1]; X[2]; X[3];

Clockwork has one named Passthrough

@Nick_Boyts provided a code alternative here, nice and simple. :grinning::+1:


Drat, I was hoping people would read the change log :slight_smile:

I realize this is not easy to discover and one of the issues is that the current package management system was not really developed with big packages in mind and doesn’t provide end users with any info on updates and depreciations. Hopefully Dynamo 2.0 will have something better in stock.

That node was depreciated in version 110.0.0 back in July last year:

Going forward, I’ll put any depreciated nodes in a “DEPRECIATED” category for one release prior to removing them from the package.


Great idea! Much appreciated as well!


@Dimitar_Venkov I appreciate your work thank you! i ended up looking in the change log and saw it. unfortunately i have to swap out about 5-7 input.waits in several of my scripts! I liked it too much.

I have a newbie question - is there a functional difference between Passthrough and Input.Wait?

Likely not, but I believe they are both custom nodes so best to look over the contents to know for sure.