Visibility of COM Reference in C# as namespace in dynamo


I am using a COM Reference called RAMDATAACCESSLib in my C# code and it shows as a namespace in Dynamo. Is there another way I should be referencing this library? Is there any way to remove the visibility of this reference?

Beginning portion of the code:



Norman Noe

try don’t embed interop types into your dll option.

I’m not that familiar with embed interop types and how it contributes to the reference. But if I toggle this option to false, several interfaces are not referenced correctly and the solution cannot be built. Is there another way to accomplish this?

read more here:

you’ll need to include the interop assemblies manually when you build and make sure they are present in your bin folder most likely.

I have also interop types in my package, no problem :slight_smile:

does your property look like this

Yep! I’ll have to look into adding the interop assemblies manually then! Thanks!