ViewTemplate parameter Ids to names


I am trying to get the names of the view templates’ parameters using python. Using the “.GetTemplateParameterIds()” method I can get the parameter ids, but then I cannot find a way to get the names as strings. I have tried the following:

1.Using the Revit python wrapper: e.g.: db.Element.from_id(j).Name
2.Using the API method: e.g.: DB.GetElement(doc, j)
(j is the parameter(Element) id)

In both cases the result is “None”.

Even when using the “>Manage>Inquiry>Select by ID” function in Revit and I use one of the parameter ids, the result is that “The following Element IDs are invalid and won’t be used”

In this post setting-view-template-includes @Konrad_K_Sobon has somehow done the mapping of the ids to their names.

Can anyone help here?

Thanks a lot in advance

I did it manually. Like you can see in the images, it was done manually. There are however some nodes that I made to do this:


Just download the latest package.


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Hey Konrad, I think the latest version of doesn’t have the GettemplateparameterIds or other view templates nodes that are very useful.Is there any way, I can learn how did u script the “GettemplateparameterIds” with all other node u add in?

Thanks in advance

Which version would that be? What Dynamo version are you in? What Revit version?

Hey Konrad,

I installed older version that has those nodes and it Works :smile:
Dynamo version -
Revit Version - 2019 - 2020.23.5