View.UnhideElements List Levels

I am trying to make a graph that will create views that loosely represents the build sequence.

I select a category, group by constraint layer, then generate a grouped list of elements.

I create three views from a 3D view with all elements turned off.

I used a bit of python to create 3 lists of all

I can only seem to get all element turned on in all views.

How do I get from View.Unhide Element to
WallList[0] to apply to View[0]
WallList[1] to apply to View[1]

@Justin_Wright Can you post you dyn?

You can take a picture of the entire dynamo graph by zooming in until a node is legible and clicking the camera picture in the top right. That will make it easier to follow what you are doing from pictures alone. As @salvatoredragotta said, if you post your .dyn and a small version of the revit file limited to only what you need to run the graph with, we can help you more.