View Template Selector

Has anyone made a node with a dropdown menu to select View Template views only?

I am using a definition with the Views selector to set properties based on the view template, but finding the template views in the ever expanding list is getting slow and difficult. The view list is sorted by order of creation/modification so over the life of the project it has become a mess and despite naming view templates differently to views, finding them by typing the first few letters doesnt always work. A drop down menu where users can only see view with “Is Template” would be very useful.


Something like this:


Currently the only thing that doesn’t work with this approach is the 3D View Template. It looks like that particular object cannot pass Dynamo checks for validity (and more precisely one of the Utility checks that tries to cast the view as 3D View ). I am not 100% sure why it fails, but I will bring this up with the development team. It appears to be a problem with the Views node as well so at least I am not alone. :slight_smile:

Anyways, you can find this node in package under Enums.



Drat, I was going to suggest you try spring nodes’ “List.DropDown” node but I see that Konrad’s got this covered already in a much more graceful manner, as usual :slight_smile:

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Does your work with 3D View templates?

No. It flat out refuses to output those. Even the automatic element wrapper fails for those VTs.

Thanks guys, both options look useful.

With regard to 3D templates, I actually find it better to ONLY have floor plan templates in projects. The 3D templates seem to be a reduced subset of the same options and you can apply ‘floor plan’ templates to 3D views or sections just as well. I dont know what the advantage of actually using a 3D template is so this is solved by just not having any :).

Can´t find the node drop down for view templates.
I’ve got the package version 2016.5.27. Is the node included in this version? or does it have a different name?



Hi Konrad,

I am upgrading my scripts from Dynamo 1.3 and Dynamo 2.0 to Dyn 2.3. Some of ‘’ nodes had disappeared in 2021.25.8 version. One of them is View Templates. I see the icon is different too. Have these nodes been depreciated or I am missing something?