View.SetViewTemplate removing template properties

Hey all,

I’m using the View.SetViewTemplate node to apply a schedule template to a newly created schedule. However, when I apply the view template, the template properties are no longer there. See below:

Created Schedule:

Original View Template:

Any ideas where the properties could have gone?


Re-bump. This is driving me nuuuuts.

Does the same thing happen when you apply the view template manually with Revit?

Only after running the script. If I create a sheet and apply the template beforehand, it works fine. If I do so afterward, the template has no properties.

My test case did the same thing even when manually setting the template.
Can you post a test project for me too look at?

Unfortunately, the test files themselves are too large to upload (our project template starts projects around 7.8MB). Here’s my dynamo file, however. If this works, lemme know.

FINAL_Sheets_Views_Schedules_Filters.dyn (158.5 KB)

The basic principle is that we have concrete pours made from Parts, the script reads them and builds sheets, filters, and views from them.

I want to test specifically with your templates. Can you upload a stripped down project with the templates?

So I stripped it down and it’s still too large to upload. This is odd…

Apparently 3MB is the max.

Can you post it to dropbox or google drive?