Vector (by two points) gives two different angles

Girls and boys,

I wanted to align family instances along a curve that i segmented because my families are 1.4m long. For the most part it went as it should, but at some points it didn’t aligned correctly. I’ve attached the dyn.

test.dyn (33.0 KB) test.xlsx (18.8 KB)


Is the family a line based generic model?
If so, this post might be of some help. Convert a line to geometry

No, it’s though generic model. And my point is that the family doesn’t align correctly. One vector from two points gives two different angles. How is this happening and why? And of course how to fix it.

@fluffyhugger Can you post a photo of the family you are trying to place or the family itself?

@salvatoredragotta I do you one better (rvt attached). If you examen the output of the run you can see that some of the families are lying a bit skewed…

test.dyn (510.4 KB)
test.rvt (1.7 MB)