I am trying to insert a family at a point along a curve.
It is working almost fine.

The only problem is to be consistent since the component has a correct side, I have to rotate the components accordingly.
I am trying to use the vector.AngleAboutAxis, and it almost works. The only problem is whenever the rotation angle should be 270 degrees it returns 89.999. see in the picture:

So far I have tried a bunch of thing but with no success.

Any ideas?

You are using vectors with opposite directions to calculate this angle at indexes 1 and 3 on “Curve.TangentAtParameter” node.

Yes I am, the curves direction are opposite. But they are takes against the same plane.
otherVector = Vector.XAxis
rotationAxis = Vector.YAxis

So the direction vector is always compared over the X axis and the rotation is done around Y.

They close a polygon like you can see in the picture. The vectors for the other pair are opposite as well but they work normally. (i.e: one is 0Âș and the other is 180Âș).

rotationAxis = Vector.ZAxis instead Vector.Yaxis

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Perfect, did not see my own mistake. Thanks!