Using package node in code block


Can I call a package node within a code block?

I have created list of elements and I want to loop through them and create a Group using ClockWork “Group.FromElements” node.

Zero touch nodes can be called in a code block, but I do not recommend it as there is no way to automate their annotation (ie: no monocle) nor is there a way to ID the package which is missing via other means (ie: no dependency manager).

I do not believe that dyn custom nodes (the ones you can edit in the Dynamo UI by double clicking) can be used that way.

Thanks for quick reply.

It seems that Clockwork is not zero touch (not created in C# or I’m wrong?)

And is there a way to loop through each element of a list and call the node

Each list is having columns with similar column mark so I want to group them in Revit using the node.

I tried to feed the node existing list but it create on group only.

Set the input to @L2 and ensure you have a valid list of names to match the number of iterations you are after.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Just for the record I will keep the screenshot here just in case someone looks it up in future.

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