Use Structural Profile to aweep along nurbs curve

I am trying to sweep a structural hss profile along a nurbs curve. Is this even possible? I can manually perform this task in Revit but havent found this to be possible in Dynamo. I,m new to Dynamo so sorry if I’m going about this all wrong.

Here’s is where I am at now. Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @LoganMaddenKL_A and welcome…you will need get the profiles curves, try take a look here.

Im in Revit 2023, would have thought an in house node would have been created for something like this already

allright dont think so if you mean OOTB, but archilab have one, not sure if it will work, probably you can find some in synthezise…but @Kulkul nice node works great…so try it :wink:

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PolyCurveByProfileFamilyType_2016-17(Kulkul).dyn (3.9 KB)

and works great for 22-24

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