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Hello All,

I am trying to run energy analysis, but I do not know where could be the problem of my nodes?
Thanks for your suggestions.

What is the error message thrown by RunEnergyAnalysis node?

Hi Mostapha,

I have attached the error. I am using Dynamo 0.9.2 and Enrgyanalysis Package 0.2.41.


In your ExportZonesToGBXML node there is an input called MassShadingInstances. It’s missing an input. I am not sure if you can set a default value for it, but try RightClicking on the input port and see if there is an option for setting a value. If not, then you need to provide an input for that node.


Thanks @Konrad_K_Sobon! You need to connect an empty list to the input MassShadingInstances if you don’t have any shading masses.

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Thanks Konrad & Mostapha.

I connected empty list as an input for MassShading, but this time I got the warning, I attached.

I just wonder if the problem could be related to the ZoneID? (I set the “room” element for defining zone. Would it be fine?)

Does ZoneIds need to be a list as well? If that’s the case then try putting {} around the string. so instead of 309118 do {309118}.

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I tried list for ZoneIds as well but still the same error exists.

I found out some points I don’t know how to solve them;

1- the zone I defined in my model could be recognized properly in manual process of running energy analysis, but in dynamo the zone could not be drawn. Why?

2- GlzPer always shows 0.4 (I tried when I don’t have any glazing in my model + when I have less than 0.4, but in both cases GlzPer is 0.4):

3- Why the ShadeDepth shows 1.96 mm, while my roof is aligned to my walls (no Glz in this case):

I wonder if there are any specific settings I should manipulate in order to run energy analysis from my model?

I have tried this node for conceptual masses and it runs without warnings, but I don’t want to use conceptual mass because I have got my own model. How would be the energy running process in such a case?

I appreciate your time and helps. Thanks.

Have you watched these videos by any chance?

It should answer many of your questions.

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Yes I watched your video and I followed the process. The nodes worked well without any warnings when I used conceptual mass and prepared energy model in dynamo…
But when I want to try it with model initially created in revit it gives the warnings I attached.

the zone is not recognizable in dynamo (I can get the Zone Element.Ids, but when I connect it to ZoneIds it gives Warning.)
Also, GetEnergySetting node will not shows my glazing percentage correctly.

I do not know if there is any point else I may try? or is there any specific setting I should apply to my model before using the nodes?

I can send you the model to check if it is needed (It’s a very simple model with one zone)

P.S. I know my questions may seem stupid : P but I need helps, as I got stuck in this stage and I don’t know what else I can try more.


Hi @Raha_R, EnergyAnalysisForDynamo is not under active development. I still think that your model should work. Can you tell me what’s the purpose of your studies? There might be alternative solutions.

Also, GetEnergySetting node will not shows my glazing percentage correctly.

GetEnergySettings outputs the global Energy Settings (image below) and not to retrieve the values from your model in Revit.

Yes, true. The outputs are correct when analysis mode is on Conceptual Masses but when I am going to work on Building Elements mode, it still shows the default values initially defined.

Dear Raha_R,

I am trying to do enenrgy analysis too, and looking for iterating several factors range at the same time and having energy analysis on the GBS cloud. Could you kindly share your complete dynamo workflow somehow.