Updating the parameters of a list of elements


I am new to Dynamo and I was having trouble figuring out which nodes to use so that I can update the parameters of a list which contains element IDs. A little context, we are adding a “Remediation” phase between the “Existing” and “New Construction” phases. Consequently, we need to update all of the modeled elements from being demolished in the “New Construction” phase to the “Remediation” phase. In the script, I took everything in the view and filtered the list to only include “ElectricalSystem” items, but I am not sure how to get that list to the “Element.SetParameterByName” node.

Thanks for the help,

The ElectricalSystems are the elements. The issue is that the ElectricalSystem is the actual system representing the circuit, not the circuited objects themselves. You need to get those elements to change their phasing. I believe there might be a custom node (MEPover) that can get the elements in a system.