Update in-project-families

Hi gus,

I saw a post how to update a family with a shared parameter which is something I want to do too.

However I don’t have a directory filled with families but several ‘projectlibraries’. (projects filled with families).

How to tweak that workflow so it opens a loaded-family?
@erfajo any thoughts?

There’s a method for getting the family document from the project definition of a family:

You should be able to open the family from there. I haven’t done any family editing with Dynamo yet so I’m not very familiar with the process, but that might be enough to get you started.

The nodes takes current families if you work inside a family… but I haven’t made nodes there can open and edit families from a project. Working inside a project would I suggest using the OOTB nodes.

If I should do something, it would be something with saving families to a folder, and then use my existing nodes. Could that be interesting? Not that I would make them now, but at some time where I have a free moment :slight_smile:

That would be awesome.

Right now my workflow is:

  • bulk export all families to a directory.
  • bulk add parameter via your dyn
  • bulk add parameter value via your dyn
  • bulk import is next.


Sorry, I hold summer vacation at the time being, so I am only checking my computer once a day :slight_smile:

Here is an example using my nodes inside a family -> SetParameter.dyn (8.9 KB)

I have now made a new node (DanEDU.File.SaveFamily) that saves the selected families as files. An example are shown below. If you want to save all families not matter what, then use the node from ReAnimation that are frozen in the example. Combine this new node with the existing once for updating your families.

SaveFamily.dyn (10.1 KB)

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