Update families paramiters inside assemblies parts

Hi All,

I’m trying to update family parameters inside the assembly parts. So workflow I want to use is:

  1. Select Assembly ( 1 or many )
  2. Choose family inside Assembly
  3. Get heigh of the assembly ( in my case wall)
  4. Choose the parameter you want to update
  5. Update the parameter. using wall length.
  6. Update family position ( start and end of the wall assembly).

So what node I need to use or maybe I need to write my own NODE. Can somebody help me?


  1. select with select model element\s
  2. look for the family inside, searching through all
  3. an Assembly parameter? oh
  4. GetParameterValue
  5. SetParameterValue
  6. SetLocation

They are almost all OOTB nodes. Give them a try

it works:
(in revit I have an Assembly with 4 walls)

Thanks a lot. I will try and will response back.