Unresolved Node - Cannot find original Package


My company has been using a script for a while for Model Cleanup. One of the nodes in said script is Views.RemoveViewTemplate. The error is saying it is an archi-lab node but I cannot find any history of said node in Archilab. Has anyone had a similar issue or know where this node lives?


Thank you so much!

Also, I have used the Rhythm what the node on this issue. This outputted Orchid but I could not find any node like this in orchid. Maybe I missed it but I could not find it.

It is an Archilab node.

Maybe check your package versions or uninstall and reinstall the package.

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I have installed the most recent version and was unable to find it both in the dyf folder and on their website archi-lab – Dynamo Nodes

Am I missing something obvious here?

I wouldn’t trust a page from 2016.

I am running a build that’d a few months old as we’ve not jumped to Dynamo 2.10 and Revit 2022 yet.



You have to install archi-lab for your specific dynamo and revit version Revit 2022 - Dynamo 2.10 - Package not showing up and icons missing - #7 by Konrad_K_Sobon