Unknown Error When trying to open file created in 0.9 in 1.0

I created a definition in 0.9 this morning and then I installed 1.0 this afternoon. When I try to open it in 1.0 I now get a “Unknown error opening file…” message and dynamo fails to open definition. I have another user that installed 1.0 as a fresh install (no other version present) and they were able to open the definition with no problem. Is this a known bug? Do I have uninstall previous versions in order for 1.0 to work correctly?

Previous installations are known to sometimes create problems.
Perform a clean install after uninstalling older versions.
If you then need an older version, you could try to install it again later.

Thanks for that Vikram. I’ll see if that solves my problem.

I’m also getting ‘Unknown Error Opening…’ error. Will try reinstall. I guess that means I need to reinstall all my packages (ugh).

I used the Autodesk Uninstall tool and then downloaded and reinstalled. Seems to have worked and I didn’t have to uninstall my packages.