Unique numbering based on given value

Hi Dynamo users,

I currently have a list with 2 random values placed on different indexes, BPL and CG.
Each value should get an continuing numbering like -001, -002, -003…
i’m able to count the unique value’s and number them. But i can’t see a solution to bring those numbers back to the original list.

The green group should be the end result. The list within the node + is how far i have come.

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Hi Sven, you could get the indices for each unique item using the node List.AllIndicesOf attached to your “UniqueElements” output. Then use those indices in combination with the List.GetItemAtIndex after your + Node. (also flatten your + Node first)

PS: If you don’t understand what i mean, could you share this dynamo file?

hi @Sven_de_leau,

can you share your dynamo and a sample revit file?

Here is a python solution. See if this works for you.

CountingUniqueItems.dyn (7.4 KB)

Track and use the original indices to restore the sort order

nmbrSeq.dyn (23.0 KB)

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I think in the python solution I missed the number formatting. I have added the Dynamo OOTB nodes solutions. I saw @Vikram_Subbaiah added another solution as well.

CountingUniqueItems.dyn (26.1 KB)

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Thanks! @Vikram_Subbaiah @rab_i

Both the python and dynamo script seem to work.

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