Unique items in list, keeping data-type

Hello! I have a list of elements where each element type is listed multiple times. I would like to list each item once as i have done. The output is currently a list of strings though and i need it to still be elements.

I need only one element of each type in the list and if the order of the items can be kept that would have been awesome. Sort of like a node “element by element name” -which is not possible I guess since there is multiple elements of each type?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:

The groups are all the items matching those unique strings so you can just get the FirstItem from each sublist.

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Oh, right, thank you for the answer, great solution! What method would you use to get the first item of each sublist using nodes? List.firstitem gives the whole first sublist and not each item.

I guess i could do it with a simple python-script if you dont have a better idea

You just need to use the appropriate list levels. Should be @L2.

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