Unfold for cnc router machine drawing

i have got Aluminium composite panel 3D Autocad file and to generate panel fabrication drawings in REVIT 2016 Attached model is Full model of ACP Panel in installation condition. from this we need to make it unfold and to give for cnc router machine drawings is it possible ?, How to do the same in revit ? do any one knows it CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME…

@alexandergeordy1 I’ve shortened your title. I suppose it still captures the issue correctly.

Could you please try to elaborate, more with drawings/sketches/images than with words.
Also post a link to relevant sample files (a small portion of your project), if you aren’t able to upload here.

Hi @alexandergeordy1 we’ll need more info as @Vikram_Subbaiah said, but you can look into DynamoUnfold package which will unfold lists of surfaces, potentially you could export these to DWG or send them back to Revit as direct shapes.

@Vikram_Subbaiah and @Michael_Kirschner i will send you the files please send me your email ids Since I am unable to upload the attachment here because I am a new user here

@alexandergeordy1 Please upload the files online (Dropbox, Google Drive etc) and share the web link here.
That would allow a lot more people to study your file and provide suggestions and solutions.