Understanding Dynamo's Multi-Threading Capabilities in Cloud-Based Applications

Hello Dynamo Community

I’m developing an application hosted on the Viktor cloud platform with Dynamo serving as its back end. The front end is designed such that users interact with inputs that reflect those in the Dynamo graph. The application triggers a Dynamo script on a third-party server via the Dynamo CLI when activated.

My primary query revolves around Dynamo’s capability to handle multi-threading. Specifically, if multiple users initiate the application simultaneously, does Dynamo process these requests in parallel or sequentially?

I appreciate any insights or guidance on this matter.
Thank you.

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I would imagine this would have all sorts of issues, but this is certainly something the Viktor team should weigh in on as they own the connection (or at least I guess they would), as well as the licensing implications in connecting this way.

Hello Jacob

Thanks for the response.
I will follow up with Viktor.