Understanding Dynamo? random parameter in families


some noob questions - i hope it’s ok.

i have just discovered dynamo via revit > plugins > dynamo.

i have read some of the content on “http://dynamoprimer.com/” and i find it quite interesting, but i’m unsure if i really understand the power of dynamo / revit.

the first reason i discovered dynamo in the first place, was because i was looking for some randomness in revit. so i bought the randomizer plugin - it’s fine but also limited.

so i wonder if there was something i could create myself.

1. pavement brick

i would like to create a pavement brick that has a random material added. so when i render the pavement in 3ds max, it looks more natually.

does anyone know if this i possible to create via dynamo / revit or have i misunderstood the purpose of dynamo?

2. randomness in a office environment

an other use could be to generate some randomness into a office environment - like turn on/off the visibility of computer on a desk.

can one create families where the power of dynamo is integrated so others can use the family?












Both the outlined cases would be possible. You will have to figure out a workflow though.

You might end up using one or more Random nodes in your graph to achieve the desired outcome


hi vikram

i’ve figure some of out, please see this thread


but the random seems to tease me :-/

even a simple math.random seems to put out the same number everytime i run the script.