UDP.Sender node (Firefly package)

Hi there.
Lately busy in education with the connection between physical sensors and Revit
I am already using the UDP.Listener node (Firefly package, Version 0.2.0) for simple communication between external devices and the Revit environment.

Trying hard to get the UDP.Sender node (Firefly package, Version 0.2.0) to work made me wonder if anyone is or was able to get it to function?

Testet to use alternative UDP package programs which are able to send and receive packages from and to the same machine by using the same port and IP settings.

(I am using Revit 2018,2, tested it on Dynamo 0.92 and 1.32, same (no) results).

Attached definition:

Regards, Boris

@Boris_Baehre Are the following two nodes also part of your workflow?

Hi Vikram.

No, they are not part of this workflow.
Regarding this topic I don’t care about the Arduino related nodes.
I just use the Firefly packege to communicate via UDP independant.

Regards, Boris.

@Boris_Baehre is this node a periodic evaluation node? you might try changing the run mode to periodic.

Hi Michael.
Thank you a lot fir your answer.
I tried that as well but no response as well when changed to periodic…
Regards, Boris.

Not completely sure, but I think Firefly is only relevant where Arduino is involved

Firefly package description …
Firefly is a set of nodes dedicated to bridging the gap between Dynamo, the Arduino microcontroller, and other input/output devices. It allows near real-time data flow between the digital and physical worlds – enabling the possibility to explore virtual and physical prototypes with unprecedented fluidity.

Yes! It’s actual for me too.
I was trying connect Dynamo with vvvv. Receiving data from vvvv to Dynamo is OK, but sending data from Dynamo is doesn’t…

@GarciadelCastillo did you use UDP for something recently?

I have, yes, but not through Dynamo/Firefly. @Boris_Baehre could you share your definition?