TypeError: iteration over non-sequence of type FamilyInstance

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Hi @Archinecture

What is your query here? Didn’t @awilliams graph helped you?

Awilliams already helped me but I don’t want to click solved on someone else’s post.

What are your inputs? This could be the explanation:

Ah, it is expecting a list of rooms and you are only giving it one room. I’m assuming your error says “iteration over non-sequence of type Room”. The Clockwork package has a node called “TurnIntoList”; if you feed your room element into that node, then its output into the Rooms input, it should work. If you don’t have the Clockwork package and can’t download it now, you could pass your room element through a codeblock that says: Flatten({item})

Note the difference between the previews on therooms[0]; codeblock and the TurnIntoList and Flatten({item}) codeblock:

@Archinecture Now you can mark the solution :wink:

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@Archinecture You could get the room tags by using arch-lab’s “SelectByCategoryAndView” also that will be just 3 nodes :slight_smile:

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