Type error with element in Room Archi-lab node

Hi to everyone

I’ve just started a graph with the Archi-lab Element in room node and the result is an error message that I don’t understand …
I’m fairly new with Dynamo and I would need some help

Hi @aponsBA4NG

If you want to get walls then use Room.Boundaries from clockwork package:

Hi Kulkul

I need the room for diferent categories, not only for walls…

thank you

i think walls are not in a room because they are roombounding elements, chairs and other funiture are inside a room. thats why the node gives you an error.

the same error messages appear if I choose the furniture category…

Make sure you’re using the latest archi-lab package. I’m guessing you’re out of step with the Revit / Dynamo version.

Hi Jacob

Now it works!


so this node doesn’t help me, I thought it would give me the location of ceilings, floors, elements that don’t have the location attribute… I’ll have to find another way

you mean all roombounding objects
i believe there is a node for that in the Steam package.

If the ceilings are bounding, I believe that Clockwork’s Room.Boundaries will work.