Turning strings into Family Symbols

I want to change all titleblock families to be a particular type (in Dynamo to a Family symbol).

I can get Dynamo to do it, except I have to interrogate an existing family to get the family symbol name. If I feed ‘FamilyInstance.SetType’ a string as the family type it doesn’t do anything.

I’ve come across this before with other data types. Nodes won’t accept a string as input, they require the correct data type.

Does anyone know if there a way of converting a string into a particular datatype?



I suppose you haven’t tried FamilySymbol.ByName


Thanks Vikram.

There is a series of nodes to turn strings into symbols. For example there is Material.ByName, WallType.ByName, DrafingView.ByName etc.

So to answer my own question search for ‘ByName’.

For those interested in my original graph, which changes everything in a category to be a particular type, here it is:ChangeAllofCategoryToType_working

Good evening.

Does anybody knows where to find the FamilySymbol.ByName node in Dynamo 0.9.2?

I´m trying to make something that is supposed to be pretty easy. To change the family types of some curtain panels from excel.

Apparently I can´t use the strings coming from excel.

Thanks for any help that you can give me.



It was renamed to “FamilyType.ByName” to make it more consistent with the Revit UI.


Thank you Dimitar. That solved the issue. best, j