Turn off/ Deselect all the Labels in a Dynamo Graph

Hi all,

I was looking with a colleague at a big Dynamo graph and he had selected thing in multiple preview bubbles throughout the graph which you kept seeing in the background preview.

I made a quick preview of what I mean above. ^

We were taking very long on searching what he had selected for what Nodes and turning it off.

Is there any quick why to Deselect all the things in preview bubble throughout the script?

If there is not, would it be possible to do in a View Extension? I tried looking on how to do it, but I could find a good way to do it. Can someone point me where to look? In which classes?

Thanks in advance!

I believe that the right click options for the node have a ‘show labels’ option.

Thanks for the fast reply, but it doesnt do what I need. Is only hides the labels in the preview, but it doesnt deselect the labels in the nodes.

To remove the selection the simplest method will be to save, close and reopen the graph as selection state doesn’t serialize into the file. I am not aware of a way to deselect items grabbed in preview bubbles.