Tunnel via Dynamo

Hi there. I need a help.
I want to create a train tunnel with rails via Dynamo and i made two versions (both invalid).

Main idea - I used line from Civil (it locates in three axis(X, Y, Z)), points (distance between points - 1200 mm, this is length of tubing. how tubing looks like - see this) and I need copying each tubing on each point with definite direction.

About my scripts
First version - via copying FamilyInstance through line and points. Fail - I don’t know how to place FamilyInstance with point and vector (direction).
Second version - I created geometry (solids of future tubings), using circles, vectors and points, and tried to convert solids into FamilyInstance. Fail - I used custom node FamilyInstance.ByGeometry from Springs package and it needs unique name for each copy (amount of copies is ~ 1000).


  1. I know that I can rotate the familyinstance, but my line locates in three axis (X, Y, Z) and using base node SetRotation was not correct, because it rotates in one axis (Z). How can I place familyinstance with point and direction (how it works with dynamo geometry, ex. creating lines between points, extract vectors, then creating circles with central point and vectors)? If this is impossible, how can I place FamilyInstance in point and right direction?
  2. In second version - how can I convert stack of solids in revit geometry, using one FamilyType? I wanted to create rails via same way.

thanks in advance for your answers.

Try using Adaptive Component.
In this case, I use Curve.PointAtSegmentLength to get placement point then placed 3 points Adaptive Component.