Trying to get points in Roof with Roof.Points


I am trying to get points from roof, by using Roof.Points. But when I use “Select Model Element” i get an error saying " Warning: No property called Points on Revit.Elements.Element could be found ", but if I use same for Floor it works. (By using Floor.Points.)

Am I doing something wrong with roofs, is there a dirrerence?


i have the same problem:
What points do you need from your roof? Can you pls show us your roof?:slight_smile:

These ar just tests that I made to try it out :smiley:

you can select the edges or faces and than deconstrut these elements to points like this:

here is another way :slight_smile:

Thank you for this. :smiley:
Can this help me with manipulating the roof points? That is what I thought of doing when I would get the Roof.Point function to work. Use the Roof.MovePoint :slight_smile:


But original question is still not answered - why Roof.Points is not working? Or what shall be an input for that node? No roof is working for me.

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Same Problem, 4 Years later… Someone a solution? :slight_smile: