Trimming excessive circles on a Surface with an angle

I am trying yo create a panel with penetrations. The problem is that I keep getting a warning telling me that all curves need to intersect with the surface to trim the surface. Wondering if there is a way to remove the unnecessary circles. Thank you for any help.

A polygon containment test should work for you. Replace points outside then surface boundary with a null instead of the point prior to creating the circles.

I am not getting what you are saying. I got the polygon containment test to work and have all of the points inside the perimeter but I am unable to recreate the circles now. Tried points from coordinates but I am unable to get the coordinates from the points to recreated the points that are only inside of the perimeter.

Ok got it to work now. But the list is backwards now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @grmnfrk1988

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I went about it a little differently but I got it to work now. Thank you.